ERCES – Emergency Responder Radio Signal Enhancement

Across North America there has been a push to improve the signal for public safety radios in buildings. Often, in certain areas of large buildings, public safety radios do not work. In many jurisdictions, testing for signal levels in buildings of a certain size is now required, and if the building fails the test, signal boosting systems are required.

What does that mean? It means for example, that in some schools, a police officer responding to a call cannot communicate via his hand-held radio. It means that the firefighter in a stairwell cannot communicate via his held-held radio. Download the e-book to learn:

  • What is an Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement System (ERCES)?
  • What are the fire codes that require ERCES?
  • What is the difference between a cellular signal boosting system and a public safety enhancement system?
  • What causes poor signals in buildings?
  • How does testing work?
  • Who can help us get our building tested?

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Sponsored by Alliance:

Alliance is a distributor specialized in wireless communications. We have a special focus on inbuilding wireless communications, helping building managers understand the requirements for signal boosting, for both cellular and public safety signals.